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To keep your website running well and secure, you need to keep it up-to-date with maintenance.

Because of this, I offer website management packages designed to enhance your business’s online presence. In addition to small tweaks and fixes, I also ensure that your website is well maintained, updated with new information and secure so your customers continue to enjoy it.



£19/ monthly

Website Management Service

  • Unlimited Product Installation - Content Updates - Basic SEO Updates - Whatsapp Support
  • Extra Care and service - Social Post - Website Banner - Stock Images
All plans can be spread in to 12 months instalments when purchased together with a management service.

Approximate timeline is 3-6 weeks once all the necessary content is received by the client.

1Do you provide your services in other languages?
Yes! My services are available in English(of course), Turkish, Dutch and Kurdish. We can have our Discover Call in your preferred language, please request in advance.
2What happens at Discovery Call?
Discovery call is a service I provide free of charge. We get to spend about an hour talking and getting to know each other as well as talking about the needs of your business. A time where I find out more about what you do and how I can help you.
3I dont want to pay monthly, can I still use your web design services?
Yes! However, purchasing a monthly plan will work better for the growth of your web presence. I will dedicate a set amount of time each month to updating your website based on your requests as your business grows.
All of your favourite business, design, and lifestyle content in one place.

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